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Shadow Gallery wants to thank everybody who made it possible for them to finally get out on the road.  We want to take a moment to write something up about the first few gigs that happened in 2010. 
Shadow Gallery Live 2010 included:

September 5th - Tannersville, PA USA
October 2nd - ProgPower Europe Festival (Baarlo, Netherlands)
October 3rd - London, England
October 4th - Paris, France
October 6th - Milan, Italy
October 8th -  Thessaloniki, Greece
October 9th - Larissa, Greece
October 10th - Athens, Greece
October 14th - Bratislava, Slovakia
October 16th - Essen, Germany
October 17th - Vosselaar, Belgium

Tour blog written by Tour Production Assistant Jill Hughes Kirtland with commentary from guitarist Brendt Allman and guitarist/keyboardist Gary Wehrkamp.  Photos and videos compiled from the tour members and fans. Please let us know if we have not given you proper credit.

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